Thursday, December 29, 2005

With Great Fear and Trembling ...

I have had a secret love affair with women's panties for as far back as I have memories of my youth. I've decided to set aside my powerful fears of being discovered and instead launch an offensive - this blog - where not only will I write about what I've learned about this powerful fetish, but can invite others to share their own thoughts and experiences about how their lives have been shaped by their own secret love affair with those wicked, silken garments.

My panty life has been very private, so much so that I have lived two separate lives: my public life as a businessman, loving husband and father, and a parallel life where I am hopelessly consumed by an overpowering love of panties. No one in my public life would ever guess how much of my life has been dominated by the other invisible side of me.

I was six or seven when I first recall having a strong need to peek at and touch nylon panties. It wasn't until I was in my twenties before I realized that there were other men who shared my mania for women's panties, though I had no idea just how common an affliction it was in men. I was well into my thirties before I discovered and read voraciously about the psychological description for my panty mania... until then I thought fetishes were limited to leather and rubber and great spikey high heels. Who knew from panty fetishism?

But it wasn't until the internet blossomed that I came full up against the sheer number of other men whose lives were dominated by those same silky garments. My own suspicion is that perhaps ten percent of all men may share this fetish, and most suffer the same fears of being discovered and publically humiliated, or being marked as gay or worst of all being accused of being a sexual preditor. I know none of those things is true of me, and I suspect it's not true of the vast majority of men whose only sin is being controlled and consumed by a love for women's panties. I'd like for this Blog site to become a place where stereotypes and fears are buried and caring understanding dominates what we say here.

There is no universal description for what it is to have a panty fetish; how it is expressed depends on the myrid of experiences each man has had. Some love only to look at them, for others it is primarily a tactile experience, some choose to wear them while others have no need for that, and most have private stashes of pretty panties hiden away from wives or lovers.

These stashes of course have most often been gotten under rather shady circumstances, which those same wives and lovers would be horrified to hear about. Professionals write very little about this fetish, perhaps it's more exciting to write about the "harder" fetishes (rubber, leather, S&M etc), or is it that this fetish comes a bit too close to home for others? That's my suspicion!

There are no doubt many common experiences all panty fetishists share - secret double lives, bingeing and purging cycles as we've attempted to "give it all up", hidden stashes of panties, compulsively searching catalogs, magazines and the Internet for photos of panties, and of course, peeking up any carelessly arranged skirt for a glimpse of the thing we love most. All of it is driven by an overpowering compulsion to see, touch and own women's most private garments.

There will be time enough for detailed confessions later on, I would rather outline what I hope can happen here in this anonymous public forum, and invite you to offer your thoughts.

First this is not intended to be a fantasy site, though I expect I will want to explore how much of a role fantasy plays in my secret life. If confession is truly good for the soul, then this should be a very healthy place indeed! I will bare my own soul here as well as offering insights that have helped me come to terms with my fetish. Hopefully this will become a safe place, where everyone is free to honestly explore this usually very private topic. Sharing life experiences and asking questions is encouraged, but name calling and flaming is not.

Enough for now - I'll try to post at least once a day, and invite you to comment or post your own confession - to quote the great Bluto: "It don't cost nothin'!"


Blogger Bill Turlock said...

Feels like Home!

Bill Turlock

11:42 AM  
Blogger brieflover said...

oh I needed to find a place like this. I have been a lover op panties for over 40 years.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Gusseteer said...

Glad both of you stopped by - I hope to keep this an active place where we can examine this delicious mania together. Stop back and be sure to post your thoughts too!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Abi said...

What - no pictures of me??!!

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

test for dash —

1:46 PM  
Anonymous pantylover said...

you have hit the nail on the head i grew up in the 60s/70s and i miss those days of silken panties mini skirts and no thongs...

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Ah, yes, the exquisite feel of nylon! As a child in the 60's I was taken by the lovely lingerie ads (especially the Sears catalog). I remember always reaching out to touch the slips as I tagged behind my mother while shopping. I think my sister's panties were my first. I definitely think a woman is extremely sexy in bra and panties, or panties alone (my favorite). I, too, have purged many times over the years. My collection has varied from 0 to maybe 10, never more, as I dread/hope for the day my wife catches me playing with panties. When that happens, I know I won't stop, but maybe she'll decide to play, too? But I haven't been caught in 20 years!

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What a great website regarding womens panties. I don't wear them, but really enjoy looking at woman in her panties and bra.
I grew up the sixties when the silky satiny bikini, brief bikini, and also the brief type full cuts were the panty of all panties. Back in them good old days, the panty crotches were all nylon which was thrilling when you were out on a date, and you were rubbing hands and fingers on your girls moist panty crotch. Nothing is better than that. I don't care at all for the thongs and "G" string panties. Nothing left to the imagination. What I enjoyed the most during foreplay with my girl, is when she wore her sexy snug miniskirt or minidress that hiked up her thighs and showed her sexy panty triangle. Looking down at her treasure and fondling her legs and panty crotch was the catalyst for a great session of sex. Love the way the wide panty crotch stretched over her pussy looks when she would have her legs wide open. The feeling of the fine satiny silky panty fabric, the arch seam of the panty crotch, the moistness from her sexual arousal, and of course.....her feminine scent on her panties. Sniffing the panty crotch of the babe you are going to have sex with is a must.
To this very day (I'm now 53) I have my sexy 42 year old girlfriend wear sexy nylon, lycra, or any silky fabric bikini panties. In fact, I always had my ex girlfriends, and two ex wives wear them, and they loved them.
The new generation has lost that interest. Most young men in the age range of 16 to 40 years old prefer the quick removal of the thong and "G" string panties from their lovers. Seems that the art of the "panty foreplay" is dying out. Panty sniffing however, is on the rise. Guys won't admit to it, but they enjoy it. If you eat pussy, sniffing dirty panties is just as normal. Of course, guys are embarrassed to tell their women, or the woman thinks it's utterly perverted and disgusting.
In any case, I'm glad that the nylon bikini has always been the most timeless, and most popular of all panties.
Great to share thoughts and stories with other guys who enjoy the same fetish for womens sixties style panties.

Robert from L.A. California

1:28 PM  
Blogger said...

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4:04 PM  
Blogger said...

Hi's GREAT to have found this Blog. I, along with my seamstress partner, own it's a work of love as I, like all of you, LOVE to see, feel and WEAR silky soft feminine undies too.

4:05 PM  
Blogger said...

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4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy websites about womens panties. However, there are far too much of the same thing. For example, most websites cater to the darn thong panties with very young skinny models posing the same old way over and over. Are there any websites that have more realistic women that are more mature (not old hags) and women with more meat on their bones (not fat loose skin women)? I did find The website "hidden views" from Steve Post which is a fantastic website that features his lovely wife in vintage girdles, panties, some really great stories and thoughts on the eroticism of panties and girdles. What most panty aficionados search for, are nice clear pics of women in nylon/satin bikini and brief panty crotches with their legs wide open in different positions, women in short skirts and dresses sitting down giving us a nice sexy view of their panties, and bed poses in panties and bras.

Like the guy named Robert that posted a comment above, I also indulge in long slow foreplay with my wife when she's wearing nylon bikini panties and matching bras.

I also grew up in the sixties, and my panty fetish awakening came from secretly watching my young aunts and my girl cousins getting into their bikini type panties when they were dressing up. My mind still goes back with crystal clarity when I was 13 years old and I would watch my aunts getting into their sexy silky panties, snug open bottom girdles, pulling up their nylons and attaching them to the girdle garter straps. Ahh! such fond memories. Fortunately for me, my wife enjoys vintage lingerie even if it's only for bedroom foreplay.

Great day to you all.

9:01 PM  
Blogger hahnds said...

I've spent a lot of time contemplating this topic, from the early years exploring my sister's panty drawer and the pages of the Sears and Penney catalogs, to (these days) the internet and the open discussion by pioneers like 'guseteer'.

I think most men really enjoy fantasizing and reliving their first few hot, sweaty excursions up a girls skirt. For most guys over 35 what they encountered was real panties...full-cut briefs or hip huggers and almost ALWAYS white or beige nylon.

Nylon offers both a tactile and visual advantage over cotton. First, cotton is what mens underwear is made of...not a very erotic thought. The slippery
smoothness of nylon is very feminine and, for me, is linked directly to the anticipation of what lies beneath. A big part of foreplay for me involves rubbing my hands over the smooth fabric of nylon panties and especially the layered effect of a nylon slip over the panties and/or pantyhose. Visually, the shininess of nylon accentuates the curves of a
womans butt and adds a lot of interest to the pubic region...especially if she
still has a normal, hairy mound.

I love to fantasize about seeing women in changing rooms or in their
own bedrooms as they remove their conventional clothes. (business outfits, regular dresses and the like). I like to think that most of us here on this blog are not particularly interested in bleach blonde bombshells with breast implants. I've spent many an hour thinking about what the women around me in my everyday life have on under their dress. Nylon layers are really interesting to me. I want to see panties under a slip or through pantyhose. The smell of panties is another turn-on, especially if the fragrance of the woman who wears them permeates the fabric. I think it's a fascination with everything that is most feminine. I remember being dumbfounded as a young boy the first time I spied my sister's pubic mound when she thought no one was looking. Ever since then, a woman's femininity has been a huge turn-on.

2:33 PM  
Blogger hahnds said...

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2:35 PM  
Blogger LingerieLovingMan said...

Love the responses I have read and it sounds like we are all alike in one way or another. I am in my 40's and grew up in an age void of thongs and cotton panties. There is nothing like the sight of a VPL on a ladies ass and trying to figure out what color and if there were prettier than what I am wearing. Slips are another weakness of mine and I usually always wear a half slip or even a full slip(when I can hide the straps) under my suit everyday. the feeling of the material against my body and against the nylon/satin of my panties reminds me of the feminine pretty lingerie I am wearing under my man clothes.
Keep up the thoughts.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life long love of nylon full brief panties. Boy, can I identify with perging and then accumulating a stash again. Started with my moms full brief nylon panties in 60's and have been hooked ever since. Had a girl friend in high school who used to let me rub her panties and then started to masturbate me with them. Oh my. Wife knows I have this fetsih and we still occassionaly play in panties together. She will wear full brief Vanity fair nylon panties to bed for foreplay and often i will slip them off her and wear them myself. Oh I love all the vintage panty sites on the net and am grateful for this site.

7:05 PM  
Blogger ross said...

I've been checking every day. What happened? Thought you'd be sharing your thoughts regularly here...


2:48 PM  
Blogger VFlover said...

These little bits of history bring back so many memories; growing up in the fifties when the girls and ladies wore those glorious nylon panties and slips. I often watched the clotheslines in the neighborhood to see the underwear hung there. Sometimes the clothes would hang into darkness giving me a chance to check them out closer...

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having grown up in the same time period, I of course have hid my Panty obsession from everyone, and have gone through the same thoughts that you wrote about. I quit throwing them out and now keep my collection hidden for private times. I agree about the thong it should be banished, what a waste.For years I thought I was odd but now believe that many men have the same fetish as I do.

9:15 AM  
Blogger pl said...

and to think i thought i was the only guy to have such a panty fetish.i sleep and dream about panties and the lovely ladies who wear them.

5:13 AM  
Blogger VFlover said...

Has anyone else spent years collecting and purging as I have? When I think of what I have disposed of it almost makes me cry. But then I don't know where I would store them when not in use, I'm sure over three thousand pairs, almost all full cut, hip-huggers, or full backed bikinis. New collection is only 150 pairs or so, but strangely keeps growing. Funny how that happens...

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panties, panties, panties!
I love the sound of the word "panties". It has such an erotic sound that I pop a woody from hearing or reading the word panties. Nylon panties in bikini's and briefs only! G strings and thongs need not apply!
I've been reading all the comments from everyone, and I must say, we are one great crew on the same boat.

Good going guys, let's continue sharing our panty interest.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous anon7 said...

Carole King didnt do "anticipation" I think it was Carly Simon.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Ever since I knew what an erection was for I've had a love of older women. And briefs,girdles and nylons are what I've always associated with these women.While my friends were looking a Penthouse or Playboy I was thinking of their moms and what lovely undergarments they were wearing.Their full figures in big bras and big briefs was and still is a huge turn on for me.And one thing I can't stand anymore is a shaved pussy or seeing a sexy older woman in skimpy panties.I caught a glimpse of heaven when I got a peek of my mother in laws brief covered pussy,thick dark hairs poking out the sides.It made my stomach do flip flops and that image is still the base of many fantasies.If she only knew what I was doing to her in my mind.Thanks for the great site and a chance to write my thoughts.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man oh man! this is truly a great website for writting comments.
Yeah man, me too. I love them nylon panties on women. such a turn on when you strip your woman down to pure panties and bra!
The sexy feeling of silky satin all over her hot body. I prefer women with meat on their bones.
Man, nothing like spreading them legs to stare at that delicious panty covered pussy. The sight of that panty crotch is something to behold. Nice panties in full briefs (so as long as she has them on nice and snug fitting), full cut bikini's and also the brazilian and french cuts. g string and thong style panties are
B-O-R-I-N-G!!! especially them blasted cotton panties (nothing sexy there).
I enjoy smelling the sweaty panty crotch of my girlfriend when she is laid out on the bed spread legged. Oooh, yes! panties! panties! panties! nothing like sniffing dirty womens panties!!!

Good day to you all!

4:18 PM  
Anonymous suka_coli said...

Trembling.... that certainly describes the feeling... especially when I go on my almost habitual clotheslines 'inspections'. Laundry rooms, hampers, etc. are on my must see list. More so if there's hot women living in the building. Numerous times when I just couldn't resist them - I just had to take them home... for me it's not only panties but bras too...

3:24 AM  
Blogger Tulsadeen said...

Nice to see I am not alone in my love of panties, slips, stockings etc.

Though the internet has given us the opportunity to converse on the subject, it is a shame that most want payment for images, stories, confessions etc.

We should expand on the blog by uploading stories, images or link our panty blogs to centralize (for free) all of the delicious collected data.

I search daily for stories and images and I would gladly forward or upload my findings. I just created a blog "Panties, Slips and Stockings", please feel free to comment or add suggestions if you see fit to do so. I look forward to sharing with you all.

10:33 AM  
Blogger pantielines said...

As like all of you out there, our love for panties,slips, etc, overwelms us and we can't explain it. There's that feeling that takes over in our mind and pulls us into a world of being in a mans body but have to wear womens underthings. Being that the womens makers of panties make it so that pantielines are a no show now-a-days, except for some, I have rebelled and wear panties that have the biggest pantielines to show in the seat for all to see. There's nothing more beatiful than seeing a women with light colored pants and a huge pantieline showing thru. Being thats rare today, I show my own for all to see and wear them proudly. I hope to start a trend but don't think it will take off unless we all start to show what we like to wear. To see just an ass is one thing but to see and guess what kind and see a pattern on a pair underneath a pair of tight pants is a turn on. Always on the look out and will never stop

12:57 AM  
Blogger vfnylon said...

Glad I found this blog site too.

I have been wearing nylon full cut panties VF my fav since I was 13, Am now 46 (easy math) I am on alot of yahoo groups also.

My collection of 30+ years have me with over 2500 pairs of nylon panties from all the famous names from the 40s thru 90s.

My wife knows of my 24/7 panty wearing but she does not really understand? guess to her they are just panties.


1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i abolutley adore panties particularly plain white ones the site is great

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Size7 said...

bless you! I have found your blog and will return OFTEN - both to read and to post. Glad to know you (and I) have continued our panty love into our seventh decade.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have had a life-long passion for panties, starting very early (5 or 6) and continuing still (getting close to the big six-oh).

Binged and purged like others, and now am SO SORRY I didn't hang on to some of them as I cannot find similar ones anymore ANYWHERE.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was 13 I was baby sitting at my next door neighbors.One night I noticed the Mom of the kids had some clothes drying.Upon closer look I saw three panties full cut nylon.What a turn on I grabed a pair and went to the bathroom. So started a love of nylon panties.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me the hunt is part of the turn on.Nothing like taking care of someones home that has a 30-50 yearold woman.The hamper the panty drawer oooh.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totaly understand what you are all saying here and the obsession of panties. Everytime I see a good looking woman, I wonder what colour panties has she on? What design? etc. Thongs, bikini whatever, they all do it for me. I don't wear them, I'm not into crossdressing it just know something and even touching something which is so personal and private for a woman. It's like you have an immediate shared secret if you've seen or taken her panties.

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You, thank you, thank you, for creating this blog and the courage and character it takes to share your fetish. I've done some amazing things in/with vintage panties (and stockings, corsets, garterbelts, garters, adult sissy dresses, opera gloves, petticoats, wedding gowns, party & pageant "sissy" dresses, sissy anklet socks, and "little girl" shoes of all types).

I'm 44 and became "intimate" with "vintage" panties around age 12. I'm a healthy, educated professional man who is absolutely heterosexual. And I'd love to hear other's REAL stories whether they are about how their panty fetish manifests during sole masterbation, as well as TRUE stories of having "vintage panty/lingerie sex" with women.

I've shared my "orientation" with many women I've slept with, having mixed results. (Figuratively speaking, of course!) Out of the 10-12 woman who I've slept with, I've shared it with four. Of those four, two really "got into it", and the other two "tolerated it".

Before I die, I want to find that rare to find woman who get's off as much as I do when having sex when we're BOTH adorned with vintage, head to toe lingerie, with both a "classy/elegant" them, as well as an "adult sissy" theme.

I wish the same "fantasy come true" for other heterosexuals, as well!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great site.

My wife has her sisters apartment key (in case of emergencies). I have 'borrowed' it on occasions and spent many hours rifling through her panty drawer and laundry basket - heaven!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. I, and I'm sure many many other men feel the same way and live in fear of getting caught. binging and purging and swearing off, but to no avail. We are what We are, and need to accept it as part of our pysche. It just great to have a place like this, where like minded individuals can feel accepted. Keep up the good work. Like reading my own autobiography. No gay issues, full heterosexual with a "fetish"? Can't explain it and can't control it. I've always said the old Playboy magazines which hinted but allowed you to fill in the details were more sexy then today where it is just all out there. Anyway...great site.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Another Life said...

This is a first. There are two people in the world who know about my panty fetish -- a counsellor I once met with on general "life issues," including Vietnam-related PTSD, and...guess wife. I "came out" to my wife several years ago, and it was a relief. She was surprised, mainly because I had been able to hide my passion for panties from her for something like 25 or 30 years. I guess now there will be a few more people who know about me and my panties.

I am not totally comfortable with my fetish, and don't really understand its origins, but I've got it and it's here to stay. I wish my wife would buy panties for me, but she's not that comfortable with my predilection. We once did buy matching pairs, but it was an unfortunate purchase because both of us found them really uncomfortable!

Not many months ago I finally got up the courage to tell her that I often fantisized about making love to her while wearing women's panties, and she said it didn't bother her. So now there I am, in one of my favorite pairs (black stretch-nylon "boy leg" style). But, darn, I still haven't the courage to wear some other, frillier pairs....

Obtaining new panties is somewhat daunting, especially as I get older (I'm nearing retirement age). Salesgirls, however, seem polite and assume that the panties are a gift. Well, they are. To me!

I think that's enough for now.

Pretty in Pink (I think!)

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have sniffed panties for as long as I remember..Iam in my forties now and luv when people come to stay at our house....I know have a 20 yr old female who is a virgin that stays...she is always leaving her panties andthongs all over the place...I couldn't resist any longer..that virgin scent is the best and I leave my mark on the really sticky, wet ones...I can't believe she hasn't figured out why her panties are a bit stiff and stuck together at times...

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work for a cleaning service and of course had to pickup after folks..I started really noticing that some of the panties were really soiled and i would come back early from lunch and take care of them..ive sniffed lawyers wife's panties, millionares wife's teachers...dr's wives panties...goverment official's wife's panties...all were great....and smelled there a regular group that has panty sniffing people like this...?? let me know...........

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also sniff panties all female family members and friends would sniff them than either keep them or cum in them and put them back

10:55 AM  
Anonymous VF Lover said...

What a great idea. I am 67 and have been addicted to panties since I was 7 or 8 years old. Whenever I was sick at home, I would be put in my mother's bedroom downstairs. Several times I pretended to be asleep when she came in to dress. She would put on her panties under her nightgown with her back to me and then pull it over her head and put on her bra. All the time, I could see the crack of her ass shining through the sheer nylon of her always white full cut panties. (my preference to this day)She would then turn around and the sight of her dark bushy crotch would really excite me (I was only eight at the time)As I grew older, I spent a lot of time in her hamper and lingerie drawer trying her panties on and eventually masturbating with them. Only in recent years thanks to the internet have I come to realize I am not a freak or gay (Although I am bisexual) My wife knows of my love for panties, but chooses to ignore it. The whole collecting then purging part I have experienced also. I have managed to liberate panties from hampers and it is quite a turn on to sniff their owner's essence and wear them. Once when my wife was out of town, I wore a pair of my hostess's panties to her house for dinner. I couldn't wait to get home and fill them up. If she only had known.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was 14. It was 1987. My whole body had that subtle trembling that would become so familiar to me as I stepped into the "girls" room at the cabin shared by the extended family of fifteen cousins and our parents. I was alone in the cabin. My cousins weren't there this weekend, but I started opening the drawers of the dresser in the girls room, feeling guilty for just being in the room even though no girls were sleeping there this weekend. As I opened each drawer the sound was always one of hollow emptiness. But one drawer held a mesmerizing treat: a single pair of metallic nylon bikini briefs.

The trembling grew stronger in my body as the nervous thrill of excitement mixed with the fear of getting caught filled me. I snatched the panties up quickly, stuffed them in my pocket and quickly left for the bathroom where I pulled them on. Feeling for the first time the erotic pleasure of the sin of wearing girl's underwear

For the next four years I stole hundreds of pairs of panties. I was very lucky at this time as I was in a boarding school that had girl boarders from grades 9 - 12. Especially on weekends I would sneak down to the locker room which was attached to the girls' laundry room. I would start shaking nervously as soon as i got the thought to go steal more panties. I would steal sometimes a dozen pairs of panties at a time. I also took bras and pantyhose, one piece bathing suits, a couple of nylon teddies, camisoles (the female teachers living in boarding used the same facilities) and spandex running tights. If they came out of the washing machine, they'd still be damp, and even just the thought of damp panties thrills me still.

I would carefully fold each pair so they were easier to hide. I'd stuff them in my socks, making sure my pant legs covered the bulge, and in my pockets. sometimes i would hide behind the lockers that were attached to the laundry room and strip down to put on several pairs of panties before I would sneak out again.

coming out of the girl's locker room/ laundry room was always the most terrifying. The risk that I'd open the door and someone would be standing there.

I was caught three times in the four years. twice by the same female teacher. once by a young girl boarder. I was never caught with women's clothes. But it was embarrassing to be found in the locker room. I have countless fantasies about what could have happened each time i was caught.

I got extremely aroused wearing the panties in school, sometimes wearing the panties of the girl i was sitting next to. I would know because I'd either taken them from her locker, or, if it was a boarder, I'd figure it out from the name or initials written on the inside of the elastic bands.

When i graduated from high school i must have had hundreds of pairs of panties, and many other assorted goodies. my favorites were silky nylon. The girls rarely wore full nylon briefs though. It wasn't that era. I had many pairs of cotton bikini briefs with cute, colourful prints. Thongs, thankfully, hadn't yet become popular.

A year later, filled with guilt or embarrassment, I purged. throwing out all my panties. To this day I wish I still had Kerry's nylon panties (i have never found another pair of panties as silky and soft as those), or Jane's cotton calvin Klein bra, or Robin's speedo swimsuit.

I had 3 girlfriends after high school and before i got married. I told each one about my fetish, somehow. Not always entirely. The first GF wasn't supportive, but she didn't mock me either. She just never indulged me. The second played along a little, but only gave me a pair of long-leg cotton briefs that were more like the boxer-briefs I wore normally. She in turn asked for a pair of my boxer shorts. We once went shopping at christmas for lingerie for her together. She told me to come into the change room with her as she tried on a cheap, nylon night shirt. she insisted on rubbing my c+ck with it, before i bought it for her.

when i broke up with her, she gave the nightshirt back to me, along with my boxer shorts.

My third girlfriend was the best. When i started dating her I actually had a few pairs of panties that I had bought for myself. I rarely wore them when we would go out on dates, frightened she'd notice the elastic band over the waist of my jeans, or worse. One night I was lying on top of her as we kissed. we were very hot for each other and were fondling each other madly, still wearing our clothes. This was one time I'd worn a pair of jockey panties with the scalloped elastic waist band. As she rubbed my ass inside my pants I was terrified and excited at the same time that she'd notice i was wearing panties. That night, she didn't.

some time later i was wearing boy underwear when we were grinding against each other fully clothed. I soiled my underwear. feeling brave, i asked her for a pair of her panties to wear home. i remember clearly how non-chalantly she said "sure. take anything out of the drawer". I couldn't believe my ears. In her drawer i found a pair of nylon bikini briefs. I tried to hold them out carelessly, without letting my extreme excitement show, as i asked "is it okay if i wear these?"

I soon confessed my fetish to her. It was terrifying to do it, as i worried that she would think i was a freak and leave me, or tell others about it and embarrass me. instead, B. was very supportive. we'd often go shopping together to find lingerie for each other. Part of me wishes we'd stayed together. not only was she a fantastic woman, but i think our sex lives would have been amazing because i think she was as turned on by my fetish as i am. but i broke up with her because i was in a weird place at the time.

my wife, of 9 years now, has been amazingly involved in my fetish. it was very early in our relationship when i told her about my enjoyment of lingerie. so early that i can't remember a time without her participation. i'm now 34, she's 41 and for as long as i can remember she has been buying me panties. usually we'll go together, but sometimes she'll bring some home for me. her taste in panties is almost perfect. while my favorite panties are full nylon briefs, my wife seems to shy away from them. maybe she thinks they're "too grandma" and can't see how sexy they are. but she picks the silkiest, smoothest panties she can find. we both love the feel of them when i'm wearing them.

she likes to rub me until i cum in them. she even likes to take her own panties off and hold them to my face to lick and suck them as we fool around.

I wonder if i am unusual in preferring perfectly clean, used panties. most panty fetishists seem to favour dirty used panties. I have always most liked panties that i knew a woman/ girl had worn, but that were clean. I never enjoyed the smell or taste of dirty knickers.

I don't understand my love of wearing girls' underwear. part of it is the feel, whether it's the silky smoothness of nylon or lycra, or the softness of calvin klein's combed cotton. there's a huge pleasure in wearing a pair of panties that i know have been against the crotch of a beautiful girl.

I think there's an overwhelming erotic aspect to wearing something 'naughty' or 'bad'. part of the pleasure is in the risk of being caught - of a girl seeing the lace peaking out over the top of my jeans as i bend over in a store, or that a girl might notice the outline of the straps of my bodysuit when my shirt is pressed against my back.

my greatest fantasy that subtly insinuates itself into my thoughts every time i pull on another silky pair, is the fantasy that a cute girl will say something to me. She will come up to me after following me for a bit, and when we're alone she says, "you look cute in lace".

8:10 PM  
Anonymous white briefs said...

vf lover: Your story sounds so familiar. We are the same age (67) and I started wearing at a young age also. Iwas about 10-12 and the panties belonged to a friend of my parents. She was visiting us and I found her panties one day while I was home alone. Just had to try them on and the rest is history. Still love the full cut white nylon that women wore when we were young. I grew up in eastern NC and there were not many opportunities to wear panties at home, but I always managed to find some on heighborhood clothes lines and I would sneak off to nearby woods to wear them.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous White briefs said...

All through my teenage years my panty sources were limited to neighboorhood clothes lines. The first pair I ever liberated were full cut cotton and belonged to the young girl next door. While cotton is far from my favorite, I did enjoy those panties and made many trips to the nearby woods with them. I can't remember how many times I jerked off wwhile wearing those panties. My last act before finally disposing of them was to wet them down good. And that opens up a whole new train of thought....

10:18 AM  
Blogger lazyjay55 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:58 PM  
Blogger lazyjay55 said...

i have been wearing panties since i was about 10 i remember my mother making me wear a pair of mysisters panties because ididnt have any of my underwear clean.later on in life my girlfriend went on vacation so i tried on hers, the rest is history.i enjoy wearing vf lace nouveau full cut nylon.i also like vf pjs and nylon nite shirt.i tried to purge to no avail,iwear for awhile then not ,mostly at bedtime,just really get off for sure.i accept the fact and try to enjoy it as a simple pleasure.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am glad to find this site. I grew up in the 60's and from the time I was ten had the curiousity of what a women looked like and what was under the clothes. My first experience like most of you was to go to my mothers drawer and find here full nylon panties. When you are that young and your erect penis is throbbing the feel of the nylon being lightly passed over the head of my dick was enough to make me ache with that delicious pain before it exploded.
AS I grew into my teens I would at every oportunity "check" and "explore" any chance for panties. Friends of the family visiting aunts etc. In those days most people kept thier dirty laundry in hampers in the bathroom so it was a teasure chest of pleasure to me to go into bathrooms and look for whomevers home it was panties. At some point in my mid teens I brought the first pair of worn panties to my nose, the scent was intoxicating. It had a profound effect on me. It became even a stronger fetish to be satisfied with worn panties to drink in the wonderful perfumes of different pussy's. I began taking panties here and there to relive those special scented moments while picturing the image of the wearers as I beat off in a heavenly bliss.
In those days girls and women were "natural with lovely full bushes, the creamy crotches of thier panties many times with the errant pubic hair left in them.
I have also over the years collected and disposed of "collections". I love the smell and taste of pussy. I have not had a painy collection or stash in 15 years but I am in great need of one now. My wife is a beautiful sexy lady but she is shaved and does not wear panties "ever". I do not have access to the treasure chests of hampers anymore.
I long to the feel the scent the taste of a creamy hot crotch.
I recently rented out a property I have to a yonger couple, I had to go and do some work there several months ago and as I was there was a hamper with several pairs of panties waiting to be washed, I wanted so badly to pick them up hole them to my face and drink on the musky smell of Loan the wife living there. Let the opportunity pass but next time if it is there I will make it a point for a pair of them to wlak away with me.

Ladies, for us fellows, let the sweet bush grow back, wear the full crotch panties and see what the response is from your man.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great site! It's refreshing to know I am not alone :)

As someone else mentioned... just the word itself "Panty" is just so hot and such a turn-on and I HATE when my wife says "underwear". I always think.... why doesnt she just say Panty???? lol

We've been married for almost ten years and as of late I sorta wish she knew my fetish and I want to tell her but it's hard and embarassing ya know???? She wears some sexy panties but not always and I wish that she did.

I have bought panties in the past which is a turn on.... I have worn them but not too much. I do love to rub them on my cock and if they are silky... WOW what a great feeling :) So it would be cool if my wife helped rub them on me and jerk me off or even let me cum in her panties and stuff. I will also smell my wifes panties sometimes if its not too strong, lol

I guess it started when I was six or seven. We lived with my aunt and im not sure why I was in her panty drawer BUT I was and I totally remember wearing them and having a hard on. Growing up through the years I have stolen a few pairs here and there. I know it's wrong but at the time that does not matter! It is such a rush going through a new drawer and opening it for the first time. Ive never been caught and since ive been married dont get to go through too many.

I love lace, mesh and silk! Panties, Bras, Garters - pretty colors with designs and stuff are the best and such a turn on.

I always want to know what kind of panties a women is wearing. Anytime I can see down the back of the pants just to get a peek I am ON IT! I have even taken pictures when I can and use them later to jerk off.

And as much as I love panties I love looking down a womens shirt/blouse and looking at their bra. If it's a lace bra or is colored then wow...

well thats enough of me, just wanted to check in and say hello


2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really glad I found this site I'm see that I'm not the pervert that I thought I was and not gay. I love the nylon panty and I just found a nylon shirt that I wear to sleep in,I have love the panty since I was very young it just hits me in a way that I can't explain except the cotton ones I have no use for the cotton ones my ex now knows that. Luckily for me my wife goes along with it, and I have so many panty's and wear them 24/7 except when I go to the dr.s I guess I wood feel so embarrassed if someone should see me in them,

9:15 AM  
Blogger jamoke59 said...

I myself had always had a real panty fetish,full cut silky nylon panties,pastel colors are my favorites nude beige,pink,ivory,lite blue are some of them, many of my girlfriends,and 2 ladies i was married to (now exes) wore them also,they would wear them under pantyhose alot of times which both together was the ulta ultimate turn on for lady would play a tease game with me,she would wear my favorite panties and make me wait several days before giving in to me sexually wearing a pair I liked all of the days,she would say it does us good to go without for a few days sometimes,she would say maybe ou can feel them later and kiss them,she would have me begging (please baby")it was always worth it in the end,I miss those days thats for sure.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous pantyhusband said...

I myself have had a thing for womens panties as far back as i can remember. I remember when my family use to all get together and i would play on the floor and look under the table and see up all my hot aunts dresses, What beautiful panties they use to wear back in the 60's. I,m guessing thats where it started for me, and like alot of other guys on here, i,ve had more pairs of panties then i could count. I would take them from every woman i knew. I would set my sites on a woman and then do what ever it took to steal a pair of her panties. I used every possible way to get them, Babysitting for their kids or mowing their lawn, and then asking to use their bathroom, I always seem to find a way to get them. Now i,m married and in my 40's and still look but don't take anymore. i still wear panties 24/7 now with my wifes knowing. she alright with it. but who knows. but thanks for a great site to tell our stories.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next week my 23 year old cousin and her friend are comming over our house ...(i am 27) and I am taking the day off from work simply because I want to be available to examine and toy with their panties when they are in the pool. They will come in regular clothes....then they will remove their panties and enter the pool that time i will try on , sniff and evolve myself into the cotton crotch area of their panties. this will be the highlight of my summer.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent many a happy hour back in 1964-1970; going thru my sister's laundry hamper, and peeking-on-her undressing- with full dress, full-slip, panty-girdle, stockings, panties and bra. I really enjoyed it. She had a full-bush, and very aromatic panties, with all nylon crotch, full sized briefs- all nylon tricot. I would have done anything to have done it-all-with-her.Her breasts were 34-c, always a white-cotton bra, tremendous figure..

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for being open about your past and present . I too have been through much of what is expressed in your outline but realized I needed to drop off things that take my attention of my life's purpose. I believe that physically speaking we have male hormones which also impel our being toward those things that are feminine. Somehow, though we may find a swirl of thought in wearing women's underwear, it is best for our being to focus on greater prospectives in life. I say this theoretically as I don't feel perfected yet, but I am on that journey. Thank you again for sharing.

1:18 PM  
Blogger jamoke59 said...

I definately miss the days before Thongs (which are ugly btw)when women wore silky full nylon brief panties and pantyhose,the two together was the ultimate turn on for me,I have an ex who would wear the ones I liked,would squat down in front of me so to make sure I got a peek and knew what she was wearing,she would tease me for days sometimes before giving in to me sexually.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuck how sick! Imagine beating off a a shit-stained underwear? Yuck!

12:40 PM  
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12:34 AM  
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Blogger mighty said...

wow, I cannot believe I found this site. This writer nailed it big time. It was like it was me writing. i started watching my neighbors house when I was in my teens and she was divorced and I went to town on her drawers, even took some things. then I elevated to friends mothers for the next 10 years, even patroled alleys for garbage where I knoew the pretty girls and mom's lived. In those days you could do that. (70's) I had a huge dry spell during college, more concerned about someone finding out, although I did make it a few times to the girls dorm laundry room. Once my roomate friends turned over my bed and found a few panties, I made out like they were girls from a previous,relationship since I had a few flings then, so know one susupected. Then lived in the city in condo's and I was always at the laundry room, even went into the lifegaurds dressing room while they were on duty, Then I became a land owner and rented to post college girls and lets say it never has been so good. I am lucky I have only shared this story with a prostitute on a biz trip, but I am so lucky nobody has found out, I never have been caught. I want to stop but cant. I try, but always result back to the rental units. It is the ultimate drug the greatest trip. You see this hot post grad college girl who is hotter then hot, and I am in her thongs and panties and skirts, sniffing away. then back to the hamper drawer they go. I know eventually I will stop, I just do not want to get caught. the rush, the feeling is incredible. During biz trips, I have taken them for a night out,I fantized I am with them, or I become them, and thier clothers tell me how they fuck, or how they masterbate, and really have the ultimate ride, then back to the hamper they go. I know you think I am crazy lunatic. I know when they go out of town, or stay with boyfriends, ect. NO body gets hurt and after all everything goes into the wash. I know it is not right, I guess I am trying to justify it. When I do go out of town, I take some cash and will shop at a Target, to get my fix, and enjoy looking at the clerks eyes and she begins to ring the panty and thong and skirt purchase, then back to my hotel room I go. The rush feeling is incredible, it is like I am larger then anything able to do anythng, stronger and smarter then anybody. I can hear things that I never could before. I know people may think I am strange by reading it, but I believe, as this author will too, the secret life does starneg things to you. I am married with two daughters, the thought of that alone really makes me sad. What makes it harder is that I am in a sex-less marriage, which makes my fetish urge even more. I just hope I never get caught, and I take this to the grave. Thank you for allowing me to vent for the first time. Some how I feel better.

3:40 PM  
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My story is similar to many of you. I'm 41 now. Since age 13 (approx.) I have been in love with any females panties. I have smelled and played in probably 50 different females panties and hose. Including sister, gradmother, mother, 3 aunts, 5 or 6 cousins, 4 of my friends mothers, several friends sisters, adult friends of mine and my wife, my wifes aunt and grandmother and 2 of her cousins, mother in law, my sister in law and her daughter, a couple strangers in homes for sale, 2 different strangers at the laundry mat. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but OH WHAT RUSH! When you start to tremble and feel your heart pounding as you anticipate the smells and stains along with the fear of being caught.
Then of course there is the guilt when occasionally I steal panties and the disposal of stolen panties. It's a never ending cycle. But now at this age the opportunities only come once every few months.
I know there are many of you out there who understand. I would never harm any of these woman. Its just me enjoying the smell they leave behind.

2:16 PM  
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Her ass in those panties were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. They framed and accentuated her cheeks. She would sway and stoop over the bed folding clothes. When she bent her wide nylon encased love bulge was in view..such a view!! I had to relieve myself..right there..
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it all started in '81 on a grade 9 class trip to a provincial park 4 hours away from our little town. patty was a dark haired dark eyed girl who had blossomed early. the max webster song " i see you there in your satin shirt" makes me think of her everytime. it was a hot summer day and we had gone swimming, the dozen of us.
patty wore a black one piece swimsuit that defied physics and gravity. it was filled out like a woman from a penthouse magazine. 36c { i can never tell, just a guess.} after supper, the swimsuit in question was hanging to dry on the metal railing outside the cabin she shared with 5 other girls. man i was drawn to that thing like a magnet attract steel. after ditching the rest of the class midway thru some walk, i circled the cabin and sucked the crotch of that black magic fabric that was so lucky to touch paradise. about 3 times before the rest returned. the next day same routine, ditch the others and make a beeline back to the cabin. now i also made a james bond style attack on heather's panties inside the cabin that were in a suitcase beside her bed. white cotton things,which btw are fucking awesome. it dawned on me early that i would never ever get these girls to date me, let alone have sex with me. panty sniffing became a way to have that most intimate memory, because it just wasn't going to happen. a coward dies many times before his death. sour grapes etc.
so thru high school, i would make excuses to goto the bathroom, only to take scenic routes past unlocked lockers of girls i wanted to have sex with. sadly most all were washed waiting for next gym classes, but there were a few winners. some girls kept theirs in the homeroom desks after gym class and i was nearly caught 2 or 3 times rummaging.
fast forward 25 years and i'm still at it. sometimes months pass with no luck at all. thankfully my buddy dave remarried a gal his age with 3 teenage daughters in tow. God bless em they are slobs. its like a 4 dollar laundry basket would break the bank. the girls are built like california porn stars. blonde and blue eyed lean and curvy. i have at least 7 or 8 pairs of panties from these girls. you know, they could have piles of money on a dresser or cabinet and i would sweep it on the floor to get at the panties.
my cousin kathy has been a willing provider. i once picked up some books at her place in college. she had given me a key to her place. i had called to arrange a time. she was going to be out of town and told me to go ahead. when i let myself in, the books were on the edge of her bed, along with a pair of white cotton panties,with red trim in a ziplock bag. now that's service. 40 seconds later i'm in her bathroom, hand lotion applied to 6 inches of fury and kathy's panties strategically placed over my nose. { ever wonder how stan lee developed the spiderman mask?} anyways we dont talk about that. i had a few of her pairs after that, which fell victim to a mid '90 s purge.
no, i dont wear them but man the rush, the dry mouth the racing heart. imagine the scandal of getting caught, the stunned friends of the hot daughters and my family who would not understand. although they may be relieved to find out i'm actually just a perv and not gay. i'm not married.

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