Saturday, December 31, 2005

Peeking Up Skirts

I suppose there's a similarity between the skills you develop as an unrepentent panty peeker and those honed by professional athletes - both require excellent timing, anticipation, good eyes and of course the "three P's"... practice, practice, practice.

Growing up as I did in the late 40's and early 50's, girls almost always wore skirts, so there was an abundence of ways to practice my craft. The school playground was a place ripe for peeking because girls would always be someplace there, sitting on the blacktop in a circle chatting. The almost universal posture, was with legs crossed at the ankles and hands folded between the knees, holding their skirts demurely down. I quickly learned to covertly shift my attention to whatever group a burst of laughter was coming from, because whatever it was that was causing the girls to laugh was sure to effect one of them more than the others.

That girl might be showing off, or just have been caught off guard by whatever funny had been said so she just might throw her head backward in her fit of laughter and pitch backward enough to require her to move her hands to keep her from rolling onto her back. In that brief moment, with her skirt unattended and knees being pulled upwards, a clever peeker would no doubt be able to see all the way up her slim legs to catch a peek at her silky panties. The real trick was in timing your glance so you'd see the flash of her panties, but without being caught doing so - by the girl, her friends and most importantly by your friends!

Yes, in those days there were lots of chances to peek at panties, but as sex was a forbidden topic, a boy could not risk being seen practicing his fetish craft for fear of being laughed at (by girls!!), tormented as a girl lover by his friends, or worse yet, being called into the principal's office and be accused of being a pervert. So for self preservation a clever peeker learned the art of anticipating just which particular girl might get careless - without showing any outward attention to her, then timing his glance perfectly so he'd see her panties and be looking elsewhere by the time she looked up to check if anyone had seen her little mistake.

The other way my mania for seeing girls' panties was fed was by finding pictures of girls in panties. Now this was long long before the world created porn magazines that specialize in such photos, but the good folks at Sears Roebuck, JC Penney, Montgomery Ward and Spiegle provided almost every young boy with all the material needed to learn in detail everything he could want to know about panties! Those catalogs were clearly the porn of choice in that era for boys like me.

In our house catalogs came regularly, so my mother would dutifully throw the old ones into the trash. Being a good son, on those days I would not need to be asked to take out the garbage. Of course along the way, the discarded catalog would be stashed safely someplace where I would later tear out every single page displaying girls or even grown women standing brazenly in their panties. Oh the frenzied activity that would occur in our locked bathroom for the next few days, as this peeker devoured every detail from his precious new stash of panty pictures!

None of us who suffer from this need to peek chose to be this way, nor do most of us have any real idea what caused us to develop as we have, but the one thing we all learned early on was it was nothing you dared have anyone find out about you. So it is that almost all of us grew up being slightly shy (especially around girls). Even if we had lots of friends we played sports with and hung out playing with, we never ever hinted to them how much we loved looking at and collecting pictures of girls wearing panties.

So it was that we all developed this parallel secret life and learned the importance of being secretive. We all had secret places for our stash of catalog pages, had secret places where we practiced our peeking, and most of all we eventually learned where those pretty panties were kept by the girls and women we secretly watched. But that's a topic for another day.

I know I am far from being the lone practicioner of this dark art - have I struck a chord in anyone else? Perhaps some of the women reading this might share their comments on our panty mania or what it was or is like to worry about keeping one's knees together in public.

Enough for now - I hope you all enjoy this final day of the year. May the next bring you much joy and happiness.


Anonymous Rikki said...

Hi and thanks for taking the time to so thoughtfully put words to this unigue passion. I too have a fetish for panties as well as most other lingerie. Especially if it's style after the 50's.
I first became interested when I would get into my mothers closet when she went off to work. I tried everything on and felt wonderful doing it.
I'm 55 and still love to see women in panties and all kinds of lovelies.
At this point in time I've released myself from any guilt and shame that's associated with it. It's very liberating
Please continue your discussion. I'll heck back soon

4:55 PM  
Blogger Gusseteer said...

Welcome! Glad you stopped by. I hope you'll visit often - and of course participate in what I hope will become one of the few places where this usually hidden topic is openly examined by those who share this lovely fetish as well as those who are interested or curious to learn more.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous buster929 said...

My earliest memories are about how i would go under the porch where we lived with our neighbor girl and she would show me her panties and we would take turns straddling each otherat the hips.There must have been some sexual pleasure involved because we did it often.Ever since, i have been a lover of panties(except cotton)and lingerie.I too share your interest in Sears,JCPenny etc catalogd and curse the inventor of thongs.I used to love to see young girla shopping with their Moms and sitting carelessly so their panties would show.Now,hardly any young girl wears dresses or skirts so a panty lover could peek and relive the days of his youth when he could get a peek at silky nylon covering a nice round backside.I have been looking to find one of the old catalogs in good condition for old times sake.Does anyone know where to find one?

4:11 AM  
Blogger Gusseteer said...

Buster, you are in luck - you can find those lovely vintage catalogs and don't need a Time Machine to get them!

Simply stop over at and use their search engine. Using "vintage catalogs" got me 807 items, although the majority were not on target.

However if you use specialized searches like "vintage Sears catalogs" and change the brand you'll find it much easier to locate all the potential treasure.

Doing so definitely brought back some of that old excitement again! Good Luck

2:30 PM  
Blogger VFlover said...

Ah yes, the catalogs,Sears, penney's, Mongomery Ward, sex magazines of my youth. I didn't even have to hide them, mom thought I was looking at the "sporting goods". But then she may have noted that the pages that were worn were not the normal sporting goods pages. There was one Sears catalog picture in the bra section that showed some nipple brown,,,,what a turn-on for me.
I often watched to see the new undies in my sister's panty drawer and then watched for them in the laundry hamper having aquired a new aroma, (heavenly). Just had to try them on,,,wouldn't you?Oh so smooth and nice they felt,,,I ramble on so....

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, am I enjoying this website!
I have had a panty fetish since way back when I was a young kid.
One time when I was 10 years old, for some curious strange reason I smelled the panty crotch of my aunties panties she had left on her bedroom floor by her bed. I recall they were the full panty briefs in white with some lace on the sides. I vividly remember the exotic smell. No one evr told me about sex, panties, and such. I just took it upon myself smell them.
Then I began looking at the Sears catalogs lingerie pages, and found it very sexy even at my young age.
Later in the years, I developed that panty fetish that is still with me to this very day.
I had gone to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California ten years ago and bought six Sears catalogs from 1963 through 1969. What I really enjoy is looking at my all the girlfriends I've had in the past in their nylon panties and bras which is one of the best parts of foreplay before a great session of good sex. Since I grew up in them fabulous sixties, my panty awakening was triggered by nylon smooth panties in full-cut briefs, full-cut bikinis, panty control briefs, and girdles. Like many of the men that posted comments, I'm not into wearing the lingerie, but man do I enjoy women wearing all these sexy lingerie items. Nothing like having your woman dressed in them sexies, and smelling her heavenly intimacy through her sexy wide panty crotch.
The heck with them ridiculous g strings and thong nothing panties.
Like a gift to unwrap, a woman should have her wrapping as sexy as possible, and slowly unwrap her piece by piece of her sexy lingerie for a great session of sex.
Great to read all these comments from real men that are honest of their intimate thoughts regarding panties and the wonderful fetish generated by it.

Great day to all, and enjoy.

Brent from Sylmar California

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Them nylon panties! Nothing as sexy, sexy, sexy! as a woman wearing her smooth nylon satiny panties whether they are full cut briefs, bikini's in full cut, low cut, french style, or them super sexy panty girdles.
Love to peek between the legs of a woman wearing short skirts or dresses, and looking at that sexy wide panty crotch with the arch seams. That little panty triangle just gets me aroused to the max!
Love them women in PANTIES!

Tyler S.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always been aroused by the sight of panties whether they are on the female, or anywhere else such as in a hamper, abandoned on the floor next to the bed, in the bathroom, panty drawer, or even on display at the department stores.
My fetish began sometime when I was 11 years old when I was looking around at my oldest brothers house while they had gone to the store for a couple of hours while I watched my newborn cousin.
I saw my brothers wife's (my sister-in-law) dirty panties on the bathroom floor. This was way back in 1963.
I was taking a pee, and afterwards I picked up her panties from the floor. I remember they were beige all nylon including the whole crotch, and I was looking at them in my hand. I felt funny somehow from handling them. They were very sexy panties with some delicate lace on the front top panel. I smelled something wafting to my nose. A very distinctive, and strange scent. I looked at the nylon crotch and found some whitish streaks with some slight yellowish stains. I put the crotch up to my nose and I smelled! the scent was exotic to me. Very musky smell, and I was feeling very aroused not really knowing exactly why. I felt guilty and nasty for what i was doing, but I was intrigued by the whole ordeal.
Later on on regular basis i would repeat the act even if it took to openeing up their hamper and searching for her dirty panties.
I began to take a great interest inthe Spiegal, Sears, and J.C. Penny's catalogs looking at the lingerie pages of the women wearing all the sexies. As time went by, my sexual awakening began to take place, and I began masturbating at the age of 12 years old while looking at the pages of them catalogs, and other girly magazines that I was able to get a hold of.
My fetish has been something that I would never regret. Looking at my girlfriends in their sexy nylon brief or bikini panties has always been a great part of foreplay with girlfriends and wive's.
So sexy and sensual to feel out a female when she is wearing them sexy smooth nylon panties and bras. Layer by layer of clothing removed till she is down to only panties and bra, the slow removal of these so very sexy items of clothing to expose the hidden treasure.
Smelling the intimacy of a female on her worn panties is something so exotic and erotic which is something I indulge in to this very day.
Good to know that we can express ourselves to other men regarding the love for panties, and the wonderful smell of female on them.
Although I'm not a panty wearer myself, I respect the men who do wear them. If it feels good, do it!

looking forward to more comments from all you panty aficionado gentlemen.


11:25 PM  
Blogger Ed Yagerlener said...

Finally a place to let my hair down(actually I,m a bald old geezer). From looking at the other posts, it would appear that we all have basically the same experiences and all seem to like that heavenly,erotic aroma, as well as the various stains that show up in the panty crotch from time to time.

Over the years, I went down another route, still somewhat on topic --- pantyhose. Both my daughter and wife wear them, and as near as I can tell, after giving the ventilated crotch panels a healthy sniff, the girls probably don't wear panties a lot of the time. Now here's a plug for a nice little site where I offer both my daughter's and wife's used pantyhose for sale. So stop by, if you have a mind too, and you too can inhale that heavenly aroma. The site address follows:

12:13 PM  
Blogger Ed Yagerlener said...

Screwed up the link in the previous post:

This link should work.

regards to all

12:17 PM  
Blogger Ed Yagerlener said...

I got real inspired after posting my first two comments, and raided the laundry hamper and found a couple of pairs of my daughter's bikini panties. Believe me when I say they are prime. There's a hint of some kind of vaginal secretions in both. I don't think its male cum,rather what I call "pussy milk". I went ahead and updated the infamous web page. Bottom line, is that you can buy a pair, to savor:


3:38 PM  
Blogger earl said...

Well the post by, ed, concerning his daughters panties for sale of all things was interesting to say the least!! How perverted can one get?? The answer?? I went ahead and ordered a pair--just to see what I was gonna get in the mail.

I'll fill every one in as to the aroma, stains. etc, when they arrive in the mail. I only hope I get to the mail before my wife does-- How in the hell am I going to explain to wifey --why this mysterious package showed up --in a plain brown envelope (I hope)??

For those of you who remember the adds in the magazines from the 50's and 60's there was this caveat, "Shipped in a plain brown envelope" so as not to arouse suspicions, I would guess.

earl morris --a panty fetishist and proud of it--kind of.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being only a 19 year old, I have developed a fetish for panties.
Not the little nothing G type and thongs. I'm talking "real panties" as in those older woman briefs as you guys call them, and also those great sexy bikini type panties.
I had my share of smelling the soiled crotch of womens panties at the job sites where I had done some plumbing work which is what I do for a living at this point in my life (plumbing that is).
I do really find those panties to be very sexy. I have a 21 year old girlfriend that wears only bikini style nylon and other sexy satin type fabrics for her undies. I like to smell her panties when they are on her, or when she has them fermenting in her laundry basket.
What I would really like to do, is to have sex with a much older woman in her late forties or late fifties. Hopefully she would wear them hot looking panty girdles, and other vintage lingerie I have seen on old Sears catalogs and old mens magazines that feature them super sexy women of the fifties ans sixties.
They look hot to me. However, my friends think I'm totally full of shit. In reality, most of us guys my age won't admit to what I'm talking about here, but I'm sure given the opportunity they would go for it. All I can say is that it's a great turn on for me just as it is for all you experianced gentlemen that write comments on this website.

Great comments, great website!

3:29 PM  
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11:47 PM  
Blogger maverick said...

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5:50 PM  
Blogger GW said...

I can remember when I was 12-13 I would lock myself in the Bathroom and go through the landry hamper for my aunties bra & Panties and nylons if they were in there.
At first I would smell them all over for the strongest sented areas and maybe put them on and wear and get a second or third pair if available with the strongest sent and put them on over my head and face mouth and nose.mmmm..

If I were home alone I would wear them as long as I could jerking off as long as there was any Cum left in me.

9:51 AM  
Blogger GW said...

Most times she would leave just the way she took them off everything she wore for the previous few days.
I would start by dressing in the same manner she would when I would sneak in and watch her when didn’t know I was there.

I would put on a bra then panties then the girdle and then those sexy nylons that tugged at the garters all the time making me feel so wonderfully horny…

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived with one of my first girlfriend's parents for a few months before buying a house together. I used to love going through the prospective mother-in-laws draws when I was alone in the house. As well as her panties I used to love trying on her gym leotards and all-in-one control slips.
As well as sniffing the panties in the laundry hamper I also found her vibrator and would love licking that as I masturbated.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember when it all started with me loving panties and women in that case, i was very young and my cousin and i where very curious, so we'd get naked together and touch each other and check each other out.....i did also use those very common magizines

12:17 AM  
Blogger flutch said...

No doubt about catalogues...
Iused to go into hamper at mother in law's house and jack off with panties, or when we'ed visit friends, in their bathroom hampers....cumming in a friends wife's panties is AWSOME!!!

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My panty fetish really blossmed about fifteen years ago when my wife and I first met. She is incredibly beautiful as well as her mother and three sisters. I swear to God I was in Heaven those first few years.

I was over there all the time with a seemingly never ending supply of thongs, boy shorts, cottons, name it...all used...all smelling so good. Aside from the panties I've found plenty of pictures/videos to fuel my fantasies.

All this time later I still sniff my 55year old sexy mother in law's panties when we visit.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these sites are brilliant for catalog photography

for the last one, look for the "albums" links on the left

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:50 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been an avid panty hunter,sniffer,wearer,since I was in my mid twenties.The first time I was ever drawn to this fantastic fetish ,was having gone to my wife's parents house.I walked in as usual,as was normal,but the house was empty,as i walked in the living room,I noticed a pair of the mum in laws panties lying on the upright chair,the gusset in full view.
For some reason or other,I couldn't resist picking them up,amazed at the beauty of them,I held them to my nose,the scent was amazing.
My loins started to stir with excitement,these panties were black with a greenish sheen,belonging to a woman of some 50 odd years,myself mid twenty's,the inevitable happened,wrapping the panties around my very solid manhood,I was soon relieved of my desperate urge,replacing the magic item back as near as I could remember to the original position.
This was back in the early sixties,obviously now I am a man with agood age,yet still I have this fetish which for me is a wonderful thing.
Over the years since that time I have located and had super times,seeking out used panties of ,wife's sisters,friends daughters,uncountable fantastic experiences indulging in the feel and aroma of juicy panty gussets.
After reading this site,I am glad that so many other fanatics like myself have told their stories,now I feel a sense of relief,knowing that.
I still continue the search for the "grail",even today,all sorts,cotton,silk,old ,young whatever,always like finding gold.
I do believe that the majority of men,try to take a peek up the skirts of any woman,those that wear skirts of course which are rarely worn nowadays.
It is a natural reaction to do this,great!

Long may you all keep up the hunt ,as I do.

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



9:30 AM  
Anonymous Gemma Nixon said...

My b/f loves me to dress up as a naughty little school-girl, then tease him by allowing him to see right up my skirt. He prefers me to wear white cotton bikini knickers that are a tight fit.

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently, I've started wearing womens panties; they're so much better made, more comfortable and nicer to wear than any made-for-men underwear; the briefer the better, my favorite type are string-bikinis. Those made of cotton/Spandex are the softest and thus the most comfortable, they feel so very sexy, smooth and erotic my cock gets pretty hard and I almost shoot my load when I'm wearing them. The feeling is somewhat enhanced by the fact that I've shaved my pubic hair, so my silky smooth skin, plus the smoothness of the material adds to the overall erotic stimulating effect on my smooth, silky scrotal-sack.
Recently, whilst visiting friends, their dog started doing what dogs love to do and started snuffling around my crotch which felt quite nice, especially with my shaved pubes, and I started to feel horny, and so instead of shooing the animal away I allowed it to sniff around even more; I would loved to have lowered my zipper and let the dog investigate even further and it would have been nice to have dropped my pants and allowed the animal better access to my nether regions, licking my ring and thrusting its tongue right into my anus; had I been alone with the animal, I might have been tempted to strip off completely and let the animal mount me. The very thought of having a dog's stiff prick sliding up my bum is quite stimulating.

9:43 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was in high school i was always compelled to watch the cheerleader pratices and quite often i would get lots of clear views under their short skirts... not the same as panties i know, but at a distance it looked the same.

8:52 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My earliest memories and introduction to becoming a panty fetishist was back in the late 50s and 60s when I was living with my aunt.

My aunt was a registered nurse and if anyone remembers, if someone knew that a member of your family was a RN, they were frequently at the door asking if someone could be "looked at". I always loved that phrase. I heard it many times. Everything from the sniffles to cuts and abrasions got "looked at" by my aunt.

I can still vividly remember the scene. I'd come home from school and as I was about to walk through the living room, I spied one of our neighbors, a young 20ish something lady laying face down on the living room couch. I stopped dead in my tracks. Luckily she didn't notice I'd walked in!
Her skirt was up over her long legs and she was in a pair of white panties. Skirt hiked up? But why was she laying there like that? I soon found out.

My aunt walked back into the living room, and as she approached, not seeing me, as I was in a spot where I could see but not be observed, I immediately realized what was about in store for my aunt's patient and what was about to take place, as I'd literally been where our neighbor was now.

Entering the room, my aunt was rapidly and pretty intently shaking down one of those old glass mercury thermometers, then stopped, held it up and read it. After placing it and the Vaseline on a table at the end of the couch, she walked over, had our neighbor arch her hips, and my aunt slipped the white panties down behind our neighbor's knees.

After dipping the thermometer in the Vaseline, she spread her patient's cheeks and in went the thermometer!
I'm not sure if it was the tight fitting butt hugging panties that initially got my attention, or the thin glass thermometer that was jutting out of our neighbor's behind, but from that day on, I paid particular attention when I could, as to who might be coming top be "seen", which for a number of neighbor teenage girls accompanied by their mom's, soon found their panties lowered with a well placed rectal thermometer in their cute bottoms getting their temperatures taken.
To this day, I'm not only a panty fetishist, but am very much into the rectal temperature fetish. What a pair of panties led to!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved wearing brief nylons since i was 10 yrs old and i loved seeing girls n women ware them it all started when i went between my mothers legs, she would wear a house dress n stockings and she would lay down on her bed i would come in to the bedroom she would then spread n arch her legs and i would clime up she would always wear her brief nylon panties she wore mutable coulours when i got up there, i smeld her scent then i would kiss it, touch it then suck on it after a while i would gently pull her panties to her right leg and kiss, lick, finger, n suck, she had a very beautiful hairy vagina then she would hold her panties to the side for me until she came as she came she let go of her panties so i could lick n suck her cum that went through her panties it started when i was 2 yrs old and ended when i started to go to school at the age of 5 i knew that she loved n enjoyed herself n me and i amitt that i enjoyed her n doing it with her too befor we stoped she would let me rub,my penis on her panties n while she wore them .i started wearing them and masterbaiting in them as soon that i would have an erection i still wear n masterbait in them today and i really enjoy it were i had a girlfriend i would beg her to wear brief nylon panties and i would always wear rhem too more on this later

2:36 PM  
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